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Hope Community Charter School’s mission is to provide a safe, caring, literacy rich learning environment that guides and inspires students in building a solid academic foundation.  Literacy will be the path to a solid academic foundation by developing, in each student, a highly literate and effective communicator who is a self-reflective, responsible decision-maker.


Hope Community Charter School understands that language makes the difference in a child’s future success. We believe a whole school focused on language acquisition and development can transform a child’s life. A solid foundation in literacy leads to a high level of academic mastery and to a future where learning never stops. We will create a safe, vibrant, and nurturing space, rich in resources and opportunities for students to learn about the world. We see the need to create a culture where parents are partners in our high expectations that each child can achieve success, create a meaningful dream for themselves, and live responsible and fulfilling lives.



• Develop, in each student, literacy skills as the tools for imagining, self-reflection, and responsible decision-making

• Provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes tolerance and empathy for

others and supports a culture

of high expectations for

behavior and academics

• Cultivate a love of reading

• Foster an environment that promotes respect and the responsibility that all people have to give back to their communities

• Extend learning beyond the classroom walls by exposing students to the rich cultural and historical area in which they live

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