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Students, in the early grades, must master all strands of literacy so that as they mature, they become high-functioning scholars who hold the key to all future learning. This requires effective reading readiness, rich experiences around which students can use language, and assistance to promote cognitive development. For this reason, students in kindergarten through grade 2 rotate through blocks of decoding instruction, instruction in reading comprehension strategies, and computer-based reinforcement of reading concepts.  In grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 students move on to an advanced curriculum of literature study as well as on-going instruction in grammar, usage, and language conventions. Writing and reading is a daily part of all the academic programs.


Literacy Program Components:

- Read Aloud & Vocabulary Development

- Direct Instruction

- Guided Reading

- Novel Study

- Computer-Based Reading Reinforcement

- Writing Workshops

- Independent Reading Time

- Book Club

- Family Literacy Program


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