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April 2, 2020  · 

Camden Enrollment Presents: Hope Community Charter School with Former Principal & Executive Director Robin Ruiz





Hope Community Charter School is a kindergarten through grade five school and is located in Camden, New Jersey. The school opened in September 2013 and serves students in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Each year, a grade would be added until the school reached 8th grade for the 2022-2023 school year.


Hope Community Charter School’s primary focus is literacy because literacy, and the thinking that a literate person does, transforms lives, raising a child to the highest level of academic mastery, planting in a child the tools to become a lifelong learner, affirming in a child his or her worth and contribution to the world, awakening in a child his or her creativity, interests and passions, and encouraging in a child those habits of highly successful people.

We believe in each child’s capacity to live a fulfilling life. Our task is to build​ on their natural curiosity, plan for and manage their literacy skills development, establish the structures that build confidence and competence, and celebrate their successes and a healthy pride in accomplishment.


Roland Fryer’s “Five Tenets for Successful Schools” is the Hope Community Charter School model: to invest in our teachers’ professional learning, provide intensive tutoring for students, extend the time for their learning, foster a culture of high expectations for everyone, and use data to inform our instructional practices and planning.


Hope Community Charter School creates a culture that stretches the aspirations and performance levels of students and adults alike. The school's self-efficacy is a powerful lever, coloring our words and actions, our practices and procedures.  Our actions - holding everyone accountable for learning; caring for everyone, and encouraging everyone to succeed fosters a culture of high expectations and mutual support.

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