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Immunization Requirements

State law requires medically validated records of immunization to be on file for all students. Any student whose immunization records are not complete will be subject to exclusion. 


Students who do not have the required immunizations may be granted a 30-day provisional admittance by the school nurse in compliance with regulations set forth in NJAC 8:57-4.10. This admission is granted with the understanding that the parents/guardians fully intend to continue with the immunization series until all State required immunizations have been received.

  • PHYSICAL EXAM: Grades k, 3 and all new students entering the school from other schools.  

  • POLIO - Three doses of oral vaccine, with one dose given on or after the fourth birthday, 

  • DIPHTHERIA-PERTUSSIS-TETANUS (DPT) - Minimum of four doses, with at least one booster having been received after the fourth birthday or any five doses.

  • MEASLES: two doses of a Measles-containing vaccine given after the first birthday and before entering kindergarten.

  • RUBELLA AND MUMPS: one dose of each vaccine must be given after the first birthday OR laboratory evidence of immunity.

  • MUMPS - One dose only.

  • HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae) (Under 5 years only) - One dose.

  • MANTOUX TUBERCULIN - All 8th grade students must be given this test since GBCS is located in New Brunswick, which is a high-risk area. 

  • HEPATITIS B vaccine series - Three doses required for children born on or after 9/2/96 (5 years old and older) who are entering or attending kindergarten. Three doses for children born on or after January 1, 1990 and who are entering grade 6. 

  • VARICELLA – One dose given on or after the first birthday or proof of disease immunity.


All immunizations must have medical verification. 


Please contact the School Nurse if you have a question about state requirements or have a problem completing these requirements due to religious or medical reasons. Free clinics are sponsored by Camden County Health Department; call your local Health Department for information on dates and locations of clinics.

Health Screenings

The school nurse conducts regular health screenings during the year, including visual, auditory, height and weight measurement, scoliosis (curvature of the spine), and blood pressure monitoring. These screenings are completed as required by law, and parents/guardians are notified of the results.

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